Permanent Staff Recruitment

All recruitment companies have databases. that’s nothing new and we are no exception, and in fact our database and recruitment systems are at the forefront of recruitment methodology – however the tools at CCC include one major and important benefit which is not so common… Our Experience…

Our professionally designed systems will automatically cross reference new applications and vacancies using a complex matrix to match not only experience but also salary, location, family circumstances and availability which allows us to gather together the raw material for further consideration and assessment before presentation to our clients.

Then the experience factor kicks in….our 45 years knowledge of recruitment solely within  the worldwide construction industry allows us to make valid choices and informed decisions, ensuring that our clients are presented only with appropriate, suitable candidates who have been briefed and are interested in your opportunity.

Following presentation, we are on hand to assist the Client to make the recruitment procedure as smooth as possible and we will provide honest, frank and impartial support to ensure that our clients genuinely get the best candidates the industry can offer.

And what is more, our service is completely without charge until one of our candidates has successfully taken up employment with yourselves, at which point , a single once –only competitive fee will become payable.

Contact us now for further details and a copy of our full terms and conditions…