Contract Staff

Staff Leasing Services from CCC (UK) is simply a different way for our clients to get the personnel they need for just the amount of time they need them….with no strings attached!

Using the same exacting selection and quality standards to assist you in identifying the persons you want, CCC (UK) simply subcontract the personnel selected by you to your organization to meet your short or long term needs in any location or indeed, situation where a permanent hire is not required.

The big difference to our clients is that CCC (UK) will:

  • Payroll and administer the workers on your behalf to an agreed schedule & budget.
  • We take care of all tax and Social Security liabilities and considerations in the workers home country.
  • And not only do we help control your costs  we also guarantee continuity of service, should any worker prove unsatisfactory CCC (UK) undertakes to provide a suitable replacement without delay.

Staff leasing from CCC is a highly popular and truly comprehensive recruitment solution to international clients seeking:

Staff flexibility and peace of mind with known costs

Contact us now for further details and a copy of our full terms and conditions and a sample proposal…